"We had a terrific 6-week run, that we were sold out once word hit the street.  The nature of the show lead to people returning again and again.  Due to popular demand, we already have plans to bring the show back soon for a longer run.  It was one of our biggest hits..."

-Scott Spence, The Beck Center For The Arts,
 Lakewood, OH

"Our Kids had so much fun with this show, most of them are going back to tell their high school to spread the word.  The music was infectious and some of our older kids who have done 25 or more shows here said MOBY DICK! was hilarious and truly their favorite or them all!"

-Long Lake Camp, Long Lake, NY

"This show was more fun! The rehearsal process was a riot -- we were sore from laughing.  The show sold extremely well and our audiences loved the show.  Standing ovations every night.  Even the tech people were laughing!"

-Lester Maliza, Seaside Music Theatre

"I saw the show and think it is the most original, creative, and hilarious musical I have ever seen!  MOBY DICK! The Musical takes a 'tongue-in-cheek' look at the world and does a fantastic job of it.  I am going back to see it again, and bringing friends!"

-Marsha Krantz, Season Subscriber, 
 Theatre On the Square, Indianapolis, IN

"The most popular show in years. We had to extend to a second weekend. Such a fun show, our cast had a blast! The audience went wild every night!"

-Art Almquist, Director, Tucson High School,
Tucson, AZ

"What a great time we had with this show. The score is terrific, the cast and audience fell in love with every song.  I highly recommend this show to everyone. YOU MUST DO MOBY DICK!"

-Matthew Dedon, Director, Staples Players
 Westport, CT

"This show got more laughs and show-stopping applause than any other show in recent memory. Such a clever and tuneful show. I will have the songs stuck in my head for years to come! BRAVO MOBY DICK!"

-Cheryl Hickman, Director, Carter High School
Strawberry Plains, TN

"MOBY DICK! The Musical was an absolute hit with our audiences! They laughed at everything, whistled, screamed, literally stopped the show several times with applause. Audi-ences LOVE this show!"

-David Stine, Producer, Theatre On the Square
 Indianapolis, IN