Moby Dick takes you through the eyes of school kids on a three year whaling voyage under the tyranny of an insane sea captain, strange friendships, and the forces of a what is advertised to be a three year whaling voyage.

Imagine—no TV, no radio, no documentary—just a prolonged silence. Imagine getting bored with that silence and yearning for an adventure. Imagine deciding that adventure would be found in a sea full of monsters and creatures you have never seen before. Herman Melville's American classic story of mad , bad Captain Ahab comes to life in a way never before contemplated; a mesmerizing high energy, very catchy pop musical that speaks out to its time!

Hire Moby!

 A classroom dream which grabs your hand and pulls you towards a world of exotic cannibals, clashes with the forces of untamed Nature, and insane sea captain in hot pursuit of a spooky whale who bit off his leg when being attacked. No longer the dusty old book of the academia, here is top of the pops with plot, a sexy, and, weirdest of all, funny retelling of a fabulous story via the contemporary fizz of a pop video. 

"Exuberant!" (The Herald)
"Lunacy on the High Seas" (Daily Mail)
"Sheer Brilliance and Uninhibited Fun" (Financial Times)

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