ttending the funeral of family friend Virgil, Nev discovers his true relationship to the corpse in the coffin, thanks to a heartless remark by his drunken mother Sharon. Virgil was Nev’s own father, the father he'd never known, and now it was too late to call him Dad.

Worse still, Virgil committed suicide, and as Nev knows from his computer game 'Dante's Inferno', the fate of every suicide is to turn into a tree, for all eternity.

Forty eight hours later, Nev too has shuffled off this mortal coil, mashed to a pulp by girlfriend Gracie's murderous brothers, Rick and Frank. For Nev, the race is on to claim his father before Suicide Orchard does.

But fate - and it's creepy lieutenant, Welsh undertaker Dai the Death - seeks to delay him and throws many obstacles in his path: Charon the Ferrywoman, the Lost Soul Singers, death metal duo Cerberus The Dog and a bloated Elvis.

Will Nev reach Virgil in time? Will he get past Cerberus? Will he ever hold Gracie again? No one said the afterlife was easy. It's Hell. And for young Nev, Hell bears a striking resemblance to ‘Dante’s Inferno’, the computer game he was playing just before he died.…