Cover Image The songs here are from many sources. The show was recorded for public sale once. Those credits are listed here.

Nicholas Allott: Executive Producer
Hope Augustus: cast
Marsha Bland: cast
Maria Bossy: cast
Sandra Bossy: cast
Andrew Bridge: Lighting Design
Sophie Marie Burnham: cast
Graham Burton-Hall: Assistant Stage Manager
Maurice Cambridge: Orchestra Management
Jayne Collins: cast
Vas Constanti: cast
Neil Couperthwaite: cast
Jonathan Craige: cast
Jackie Crawford: cast
Peter Evelyn: Deputy Stage Manager
Paul Farnsworth: Set Design
David Ffitch: Stage Manager
Veronique Haddelsey: Sound Operator
Nicolas Harris: Production Manager
Howard Harrison: Associate Producer
Matthew Hodgson: cast
Michele Hooper: Cast
Paul Honey: Musical Director
Steven Houghton: cast
Stori James: cast
Theresa Kartell: cast

Date: May 11, 1993
th Airey: Guitar
Paul Charmichel: Bass
Tony Bourke: Drums
Paul Honey: Keyboards
, Musical Director
Paul Lowe: Keyboards, Assistant Muscial Director
Peter Murray: Keyboards
Mathew Senior: Percussion

Recording an update version with Martin Koch, Hereward Kaye, Mark Van Epps, Robert Longden and Elliot