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Original flier for 3rd workshop in OxfordIn order to save their bankrupt school that’s seen better days, the girls of St. Godley’s Academy for Young Ladies decide to put on a musical version of Moby Dick. The highly comic, satirical romp through this age-old mariner’s tale that ensues proves to be a world of endless, funny double entendres and wonderful, pastiche-y company numbers.

As the play opens, the scene is one of general chaos – Ishmael (all of the characters are referred to by the names the play in the story of Moby Dick), sits at the piano composing a song. Pip, the school’s security guard has been gagged & tied to a chair as other students play basketball and throw paper airplanes. The Janitor enters and asks Ishmael to start choir practice. Ishmael plays as the school’s headmistress enters. After a rousing rendition of the SCHOOL HYMN, she informs her students that due to bankruptcy, the school will close at the end of the term. 


Mr Longden has been working on a new script which is not under license yet, but you might find an interesting read. See it here.